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10 August 2021

International Delivery

Now that Brexit is finally over, for the most part, we think it's important to spread the message about what has changed in the last two years for international deliveries. Delivering internationally for us at Legion is and always will be a simple task. With over 70-years of collective experience within the distribution and logistics trade, our team of expert staff know every little detail about delivering outside the UK.


We at Legion Express know the importance of getting your parcels delivered on time to the correct destination. Whether this is locally or internationally we strive for excellence and want to make sure that your consignment entry is as easy as possible.


With that being said;


What Documentation Do I Need?


This is a question we get asked daily. When delivering with us outside of the UK we ask for a Commercial Invoice. This invoice includes key information about both you, the customer and the goods that you are sending. The details that should be included in a Commercial Invoice are as follows;


  • VAT Number of your company.
  • EORI Number of your company and recipients company.
  • Country of export.
  • Country of manufacture.
  • Reason(s) for Export, Examples may include; Gift, Sample, Repair, Documents, Inta Company Transfer, Personal Effects, Not Sold or, Temporary export.
  • Commodity/Tariff Code.
  • A detailed description of the goods exported.


This may seem like a lot of information to include in one document but is vital for getting your delivery through both UK and international customs. If you are sending out internationally our qualified staff will help you by sending over a template of the customs invoice and on top of this are always just one phone call away to help you with any issues that you may have, although we hope you don't have any!


What About Ireland?


When it comes to Northern Ireland and Ireland, delivering becomes a little trickier. Because the countries are so closely related it's very common for parcels to misroute due to human error.


Due to this Northern Ireland have a XI EORI number, similar to an EORI number but requires you to register under the Trader Support Service. Once you apply, you will receive an XI EORI number and this will be used as a tracking number to make sure it goes to Northern Ireland when delivering there. This enables Global shipping, quickly and effectively. Sothern Ireland however, operates as other international deliveries.


As you can see, there are a lot of new laws and requirements to ship outside of the UK, that's why it's so important to use a distribution network that works closely with international shippers to ensure on-time deliveries. Choose Legion Express to ensure quality deliveries.

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