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Our current Surcharge is: 18%

What is a Surcharge?


It is usual for delivery networks to impose variable fuel surcharges, many also raise additional charges for ULEZ zones, HGV resources etc. which makes calculating delivery costs complicated.

We believe in offering a stable pricing policy so that you have no nasty surprises when your invoice arrives. Throughout the past 12 months we have resisted double digit rate increases, instead keeping rate increases well below inflation. Our competitors have not followed suit and continue to increase their rates closely with inflation as well as a plethora of additional charges.

In order to keep your delivery rates as stable as possible, we are amending the variable fuel surcharge to cover the varied and complex charges raised by the delivery networks as well as navigating their inertia when moving surcharges downwards.

Legion's invoices will simply use “Surcharge” to describe these costs. Please feel free to get back to us on 0115 9763646 if you have any questions regarding the surcharge.

These are the surcharges for the current year;

*DHL apply an additional “Supply Chain Impact Charge” relating to increased HGV, staffing costs etc. This has been included within the Surcharge percentage below.

MonthLegion Express SurchargeUPS SurchargeDHL Surcharge*
June 202318%17.75%17.75%
July 202318%17.25%17.25%
August 202318%19%17.25%
September 202318%19.75%17.50%
October 202318%20.25%17.50%
November 202318%20.25%17.50%
December 202318%20.50%17.50%
January 202418%19.50%17.25%
February 202418%19.75%17.00%
March 202418%20.00%17.50%
April 202418%20.25%17.25%
May 202418%19.75%17.00%


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