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20 January 2022

Legion express delivery Nottingham


Legion Express Distribution is a proud unit of experts when it comes to logistics and delivering your parcels. We strive for excellence upon every delivery and unlike some distributors value not only our customers time but money as well. With every consignment processed within our Nottingham based depot, we aim to move it through the most cost-effective network for the customer.


We collect parcels from businesses within the Nottingham, Mansfield and Sheffield areas. Collecting at a time that suits the customer, working to your timetable, not ours. We hope in the future to grow out, as we once did before the Covid pandemic, into much larger sections of the UK, and we want you to grow with us.


So if you are a business that loves looking after the local community, use Legion. If you are a business in need of a courier that respects your time and money, use Legion. If you are a business that wants great customer service and tracking without having to wait 30 minutes in a queue, use Legion.


Why Have We Been In Business For 30+ Years?


A question we get asked plenty is how we have managed to stay in the logistics trade for more than 30 years when we have such competitors like DHL, UPS and FedEx? The answer, of course, is simple, our customer service and levels of commitment to the customer are of a much greater standard.


When we start with any new customer, we tend to keep them for years, some of our customers despite the pandemic, despite price increases and the competitors previously mentioned, stick with us. Because at Legion we show, time and time again, that we care about our customers' wishes.


What Do We Aim to Help You With In The Future?


Now that - fingers crossed - the pandemic is coming to a close we have never been more focused on our goals moving forward. We aim to improve our scanning system using a newly developed app, we aim to increase our fleet and move out to more areas and overall we aim to improve the ease of life of the customer.


We hope that the changes to our system will aid our customers in creating consignments quickly and efficiently.


We Would Love it if You Referred Legion.


If you are one of our customers, we would love it if you would refer us to any other business near you! Just contact Jerry or Nick on 0115 976 3646 or email at: support@legionexpress.co.uk


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